You can hide your phone but you can’t hide from radiation.

The Team

Leigh Ratcliffe


David Scantling


Chloe Ratcliffe

Business Development Manager

Aaron Loh

Logistics Manager

Glenys Foster

Graphic Designer

Juliette Rennie


Oliver Bannister

Marketing Coordinator

patch’d Advisory Board

Jack Shoykhet

Technology Advisor, CEO of JBS Group

Jeremy Feiglin

Legal Advisor, Senior Partner, Keelins Lawyers

patch’d Ambassadors

Dr. John Tickell

M.D., Medical & Health Ambassador

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The patch’d story

patch’d was founded in Melbourne, Australia by current CEO Leigh Ratcliffe. patch’d was created from a desire to protect future generations from the potentially adverse health effects of prolonged exposure to smartphone radiation.

It all started when one of Leigh’s brothers was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012. After his doctors gave him only a few months to live, Leigh sought out one of the most respected neurosurgeons in Australia- Dr. Charlie Teo. Dr. Teo successfully treated Leigh’s brother for more than two and a half years, proving to be one of the most forward thinking surgeons in his field.

It was during his time with Dr. Teo that Leigh became aware of the potentially harmful effects of mobile phone radiation. He was was also shocked to learn that brain cancer is currently the biggest cancer killer for people under 40.

Like most of us, Leigh was, and still is, addicted to his smartphone. He wanted to find a product that would protect his busy, tech-dependent family and friends from smartphone radiation.

Through a series of coincidences (as life always has it) Leigh met one of the world’s most experienced radiation scientists with a background in military missile technology. The inventor had been working on a unique solution to reduce smartphone radiation for over 4 years. Together they agreed the ideal device would make smartphone use safer whilst still giving people the freedom to choose their own protective case. Even the Hello Kitty ones.

And so, patch’d was born.

From the construction worker, to the school kid, to the expecting mother- smartphones are an essential part of everyday lives.

If we’re not going to put them down, then let’s make them safer.

patch’d aims to increase awareness of electromagnetic radiation so people around the world can make more informed decisions.

Learn more about the patch’d story here.