hours per week we spend on our smartphones


the number of times we check our phones per day


of us keep our smartphones within reach all day


of 10 year olds in the U.S.A. have a smartphone

We love our smartphones

At patch’d we are lovers of all things tech. We certainly aren’t going to give up our smartphones, and nor should you. But, like a lot of renowned scientists and neurosurgeons (i.e. really smart people) we are concerned about the radiation smartphones emit.

Can’t put it down

Repeat after me, “I’m addicted to my smartphone”. It’s ok, awareness is the first step to recovery!

Smartphones run our lives

Without them, we’d still be using cheques, calling from landlines, and standing in queues. YUCK

Some drugs aren’t this addictive!

Ever feel anxious when you’re away from your smartphone? Or catch yourself checking your emails at 2 a.m.?

Social media beats being social

We tap more than we talk. We don’t even have to brave the bar late at night to find a ‘date’ anymore.

Well, that’s ironic

We use smartphone apps to lead a healthier, longer life. But unprotected usage is worse for you than a deep-fried Mars bar, covered in lard, and deep-fried again.

Smartphone (world) domination

From the Wall Street trader to the West African woman running a micro-business, smartphones have become a communication necessity in today’s world.