The world's first smartchip that reduces radiation by up to 95%

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Expertly designed

patch’d patent-pending technology has been developed by one of the world’s foremost engineers in EMF using military missile technology.


Micro thin

Only 0.35 mm thick, patch’d fits under most protective phone cases- so you won’t even know it’s there.



Super smart technology

patch’d is backed up by serious science. It has been tested to U.S.A. FCC standards by accredited independent labs.

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For everyone

If you have an Apple or Samsung smartphone, you can get patch’d!

get smart.
get patch'd.

Protect your brain

Some are worth saving, others less so. Is yours worth protecting?

Protect your breasts

Big and small, we love them all. Expose them, if you dare, just not to radiation.

Protect your balls

Babies are important; the ladies can’t make them alone, yet. Get patch’d. Go forth. Multiply.

Why get patch’d?

We all love our smartphones but most people don’t know that they emit electromagnetic radiation. What’s more, most of us are unaware of the potential health consequences associated with prolonged exposure to radiation even though scientists, neurosurgeons and researchers are all extremely concerned about it.

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How patch’d works

The patch’d smartchip contains a printed circuit board (PCB) and layers of specially formulated dielectric materials which couple with your smartphone’s antennas to channel potentially harmful radiation away from your head and body.

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